modern custom impact windows on modern house

What Benefits Do Impact Windows Offer?

As homeowners begin new construction or home remodeling projects, one area they tend to focus on are their windows. While it may not seem like it, your windows can greatly impact the overall appearance of your home inside and out. That’s why making the right choice for your new windows can really make or break a space in your home. As South Florida experiences heavy storms throughout hurricane season each year, impact windows have become the most sought after option for homeowners over traditional accordion style shutters. While impact windows are typically defined by their strength against hurricane force winds, they actually offer a myriad of benefits that are guaranteed to raise your quality of life daily.

Storm Protection 

The most commonly discussed benefit that comes with impact windows is their ability to withstand even the toughest elements. Rated to withstand upwards of 150+ miles per hour, you and your loved ones can rest easy knowing your home is safe during a tropical storm or hurricane that brings heavy winds, torrential downpours, and flying debris. 

Sound Protection

In addition to protecting your home against heavy storms, MPACTS’s windows offer incredible soundproofing.Whether you live close to a busy street or disruptive neighbors, our impact windows lower outside noise dramatically. This allows you and your family to enjoy the privacy, comfort, and peace of your home to the fullest without being disturbed by the outside world. 

Lowered Energy Bill

One of the major downsides of single panel windows in South Florida is they tend to allow air to escape out, forcing your HVAC system to work overtime to cool your home in the South Florida heat year round. Heavy duty impact windows provide far superior insulation, keeping your AC working less, and you paying far less year round on your energy bill.

Several Style Options

Where you may be railroaded by set traditional styles elsewhere, that’s not the case at MPACT. We’ve made it our mission to be the source for your high quality impact glass needs. Our team works directly with you to understand your wants and needs, budget, and timeframe, then gets to work constructing exactly what you’re after. From sourcing to styling and then installing, MPACT does it all. We’ve partnered with several high quality providers such as Marvin and ES Windows to offer homeowners stunning, one of a kind options for their project. 

Updating your home or building one from the ground up to create your dream house? MPACT is your source for custom impact windows. From the moment you contact us to the moment installation is complete, we work directly with you to ensure you’re receiving exactly what you’re looking for. Transparency is a core tenant for us, which is why we aim to showcase all the benefits that come with having these windows installed. To learn more, simply contact us online today!