High-end Impact Windows vs. Regular Glass

When it comes to windows, homeowners have a wide range of options available to them. However, those who live in areas prone to hurricanes, strong winds, or other severe weather conditions may want to consider installing high-end impact windows. While regular glass windows can shatter easily and pose a danger to the occupants of a home during extreme weather events, impact windows are designed to ...

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Coastline Impact Windows – The Perfect Choice For Waterfront Properties

If you own a waterfront property in South Florida, you know the importance of having windows that offer stunning views and protection from harsh weather conditions. That’s why at Mpact Windows & Doors, we specialize in installing beautiful coastline picture frame windows that offer stunning views and superior protection.

The perfect choice for your waterfront property

One of the key features of the Coastline windows ...

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The Best Time to Buy Impact Windows

Florida is a beautiful state that attracts millions of tourists every year, with its warm climate, sandy beaches, and beautiful scenery. However, with the sunshine state’s beautiful weather comes the threat of hurricanes and other severe weather events. As a result, many Florida homeowners are now opting to invest in impact windows to protect their homes and loved ones. But when is the best time ...

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