Protect Your Home from Storms with Impact Windows

Protect your Home

As a homeowner, there’s nothing more important than ensuring that your home is safe and secure from any potential damage. We know how terrifying it can be to consider the reality of storm season – however, with impact windows from Mpact Windows & Doors, you can protect your home against high-velocity winds and other extreme weather conditions. Our impact windows are designed with energy efficiency in mind and provide superior protection for both homes and businesses alike. Learn about why impact windows should be top-of-mind for when considering ways to safeguard your property this storm season!

Impact Windows – What are they?

Impact windows are designed to protect your home and property from storms and other extreme weather conditions. They are constructed using a special laminated glass that is held together with an interlayer made of vinyl or PVB. The interlayer acts as an impact absorber, which is designed to absorb the energy caused by high-velocity winds, hail and other debris during strong storms. By absorbing this energy, the forces applied to the windows are minimized and thus it helps keep the structure of your home intact and secure.

Impact windows are manufactured much differently compared to standard windows. During production, two panes of glass are fused together with a sheet of interlayer in between them, creating one single piece of glass – this is what makes impact windows so resilient against rain, wind, flying debris and other impacts. Additionally, these windows also offer superior soundproofing properties as well.


It’s important to note that all impact windows must be professionally installed in order for them to comply with building codes and safety regulations. At Mpact our team is committed to helping protect your home with the best craftsmanship and installment services available. We begin the installation process by measuring out specific dimensions for where it will be placed. Next the frame is securely attached on top of existing wood framework or concrete surfaces before being nailed into place. Once secured, each pane is installed one-by-one to make sure that each side fits snuggly without any gaps. During the installation process rubber gaskets are used to ensure a tight seal between the window and its opening. This helps to protect your home against any potential water damage or air leakage.

Overall, installing impact windows adds value to your home by providing superior protection from strong storms. So what are you waiting for? Reach out to Mpact today and upgrade your home with impact windows now!