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Impact Windows And Natural Lighting

During the Spring and Summer months we’re greeted by longer days and blue skies all around—and yet your home looks like it’s 8pm inside unless you turn the lights on. However opening the blinds and letting that natural sunlight in causes your home to heat up in a matter of minutes leaving you either sweating or dropping the A/C below freezing.

Homeowners should be able to enjoy the natural lighting seeping into their home each and every day, and thankfully they can by upgrading their standard windows to impact windows. Large full glass impact windows allow that natural lighting to brighten up every room in your home while keeping your home nice and cool, even in the middle of the sweltering Summer months.

Transform Your Home With Natural Lighting

Utilizing natural light can significantly shift, shape, and mold your home. By effectively using natural light, you can make any room in your home appear to be larger than it actually is, whereas darker rooms can feel smaller and less inviting. By incorporating impact windows into your home, you ensure large volumes of natural light to seep into your home and brighten each room.

There are several things you can do to increase the amount of natural light and brighten your home. These include:

Use Light Color Paints For Walls And Ceilings

By painting your walls and ceilings white, beige, or any other light color, you’ll open your home up to enjoying the natural light that makes its way into your home. Whites and light colors reflect light more easily than darker colors, adding more light than there actually is. Darker colors tend to absorb more light, leaving a room feeling much darker and smaller than it actually may be.

Keep in mind to paint your ceilings as well, as it will reflect light as well. We recommend electing for a matte white over a glossy white to reduce glare.

Install Skylights In Your Home

When possible, install skylights in your home as it will act as a direct source of light when the sun is shining right above it. Skylights are simply windows for your ceiling, allowing you to see outside, but it dramatically increases natural lighting wherever installed in your home. Skylights are likely to not be impacted by outdoor objects casting shadows, guaranteeing the maximum amount of natural light to make its way into your home.

Impact Window Benefits

While impact windows are fantastic for natural lighting in your home, they add a multitude of additional benefits you and your family get to enjoy and experience every day. These include, but are not limited to:

UV Protection

With all that natural lighting comes harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays produced by the sun. UV rays can damage your skin, causing you to get a sunburn. Not only that, but prolonged exposure to UV rays in your home can cause significant damage to your furniture and belongings.

Impact windows by MPACT Windows do a phenomenal job of filtering out UV rays to ensure your home is safe from those pesky UV rays.

Energy Savings

With an increase in sunlight comes an increase in heat. This in turn forces your AC unit to work overtime to keep your home cool, which then finally leads to a higher energy bill. Impact windows offer a heightened insulation effect, keeping your home cooler, even during the hot summer months.

Impact Resistance

What they were initially designed for, impact windows offer tremendous impact resistance against exterior forces. Whether it be heavy winds during a hurricane, or an intruder trying to force their way into your home, MPACT windows will stand up to whatever gets thrown at them.

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