Impact Window Care and Maintenance

Impact Window Care and Maintenance

There’s nothing better than living in South Florida, where you get to see incredible sunrises, feel refreshing breezes, and visit vacation-like beaches. Florida homeowners do have to prepare for the intense weather that is seen here. One of the best ways to prepare for intense weather systems and protect your home and family is with impact windows. In order to get the full protector from these windows, you need to make sure they are properly cared for and maintained. Taking care of your impact windows and doors will also ensure that they look amazing throughout their entire life span. 

Impact window care and maintenance are important, especially in South Florida where harsh weather is frequently found. Here’s everything you need to know about taking care of your impact windows in South Florida. 

When Should You Clean Your Impact Windows?impact window care

In South Florida and other coastal areas, it’s best to clean your impact windows and doors at least once a month. Homes that are close to the ocean or other salty bodies of water should try to clean them two or three times a month as salt can strip away the protection these windows provide. Make sure to check the weather strips found on your impact doors during your monthly cleaning to ensure they are still secured and strong. It’s also good practice to lubricate your doors and windows at least once a year.

How Do You Clean Impact Windows?

Impact windows were designed to withstand hurricane-force conditions, including winds and flying debris. If you want these windows to look good and provide continuous protection from harsh storms, then it’s important you know how to clean impact windows properly. Not doing so can hurt their durability and ultimately lessen their life span. Here is the correct way to maintain and clean your impact windows:

Window Frame Cleaning

Cleaning the frame of your impact windows is a simple and time-effective task. Collect the following items: a soft cloth or sponge, a bucket of water, and mild soap. Now, do the following:

  • Carefully wipe down the frames using the cloth or sponge after dipping them in water. This will remove debris without scratching the actual window. 
  • Create a mild cleaning solution. This can be done by diluting hand soap in water.
  • Now, scrub the frame gently. Pressing too hard can damage the frame. Allow the cleaning solution to do most of the work. 

Once a year, you are going to want to replace the protective layer on the window frames. This is especially important for the coastal Florida air, where salt can strip away at the frame which protects the actual window pane. This can be done by simply applying car wax onto the frame after cleaning it.

Caring For The Glass

Cleaning the glass regularly can make them look brand new during their entire lifespan. Impact window care is easy to do. Here’s what you’ll need: a bucket of water, a sponge, glass cleaner, and some clean rags or paper towels. Once you have the necessary items, perform the following steps:

  • Start by rinsing away any sand or dirt on the window using clean water.
  • Spray glass cleaner on the window. If you’re working with larger windows, divide it into two halves, working your way from the top to the bottom. 
  • Wait for the cleaner to loosen spots on the window and then wipe it away with a paper towel or sponge. Clean the remaining spots with additional window cleaner and a sponge.
  • Rinse the window with clean water to remove any excess residue.
  • Dry the window using a rag or paper towel.

Don’t use any strong or “extra-strength” cleaning products on your home’s impact windows. Don’t use abrasive cleaners on the window frame or the glass. Using something such as a scrub pad can remove protective coatings, scratch the glass, and make metal frames more vulnerable to corrosion. 

impact window maintenanceMaintain Impact Window Hardware

It doesn’t take much to clean and care for your impact windows and doors, but what about the smaller pieces of hardware? 

Latches, Hinges, And Other Hardware

As part of your cleaning routine, lubricate your latches, hinges, and other hardware regularly. Something like mineral oil can be used, or something that was made for smaller hardware. This will ensure your windows and doors operate properly and have a longer lifespan. 

Keep Smooth Operation

If you wish to keep your doors and windows from becoming stuck or hard to open, use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dirt particles found on the track. A damp cloth can also be used to remove small particles. 

Don’t forget to regularly check the weather stripping, water drainage systems, or door seals. If you see cracks or tears in any of these, call our team today.

South Florida Impact Window Care and Maintenance

Impact window care and maintenance are important, especially in South Florida where bad weather is frequently found. Cleaning and caring for impact windows and doors is an easy but important task for not only the windows but everyone in your house as well. If you need maintenance on your impact windows, call the experts at MPact Windows & Doors. We can help fix, maintain, and repair all of your impact window needs!