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How To Tell If Your Home Has Impact Rated Windows Or Standard Windows

Have you recently moved into a new home, or just curious if your home has impact rated windows or standard windows? MPACT has you covered.

While you likely won’t be able to see the differences between the two, make no mistake: impact resistant windows are substantially better than standard windows. When standard windows are hit, they shatter into several large pieces, creating a major hazard for everyone in your home. Impact rated windows, though, will hold strong against heavy winds and rapid projectiles.

Trying to decipher if you have impact rated windows can feel like an impossible task. If you don’t know what to look for, it’d all seem like the same pane of glass! With that said, there are actually some key delineators that will help you immediately identify what kind of windows you have installed in your home. These include:

Check For Identifiers

As impact rated windows have much more manufacturing put into them than standard windows, they typically come with distinct permanent identifiers or markings to ensure they stand out from traditional glass, which only receive a peel-away sticker. If you find permanent markings on your windows, they should typically include the:

  • Supplier Brand
  • Date The Window Was Manufactured
  • Thickness Of Glass
  • Certifications Of Safety Standards Met

With that said, impact windows are cut to match the specifications of your home’s measurements. As such, you may not be able to find the manufacturer’s mark. Typically, they will place a removable sticker on your impact rated windows that will list all of the information listed above.

Look For Your Reflection

If you can’t seem to locate any markings or labels, the next test is for you to check for your reflection. With standard windows, you’ll only see one reflection back. With impact rated windows, though, you’ll see two reflections mirrored back. This is because impact rated windows are made up of two sheets of glass, thus causing two separate reflections.

Ask An Impact Windows Expert

Should you be unable to pinpoint any manufacturer markings and can’t make out the reflection, your next best step is to ask a leading impact rated window installer in South Florida. They’ll be able to identify what windows you have installed currently, and what upgrades you need to make. MPACT Windows team of experts can help identify what your home currently has installed, and what needs to be swapped out to ensure your family’s safety day in and day out. Call us today at (561) 909-8055 to learn how we can better help you!