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How To Prep For Your Impact Window Installation

If you recently purchased new impact windows and have your installation appointment scheduled: congratulations! You’re just a few steps away from your brand new impact windows installed and a major upgrade in home defense. Before your windows are installed, there’s a few steps you’ll have to take to ensure you’re more than ready for your window installation team!

Make Way For The Team Outside

We recommend moving any outdoor furniture, pots or other plants out of the way so our installers can work without interruption. If there are trees and shrubs in your yard that may be in the way of any windows, trim them beforehand to avoid any potential hangups when the team arrives.

Make Way For The Team Inside

The installation team will need to work both inside and outside your house in order for the window’s placement. Make sure all furniture is moved away from interior window areas before they start their job so there aren’t accidents or damages caused by this process!

Cover Your Floors

We recommend laying down a tarp, canvas or plastic sheet during installation to protect your floor from any scuffs and dirt stains that may occur. This will keep foot traffic to and from your windows from bringing in any outside dirt and much, or causing damage to your floors.

Make Your Home Accessible

We know it is hard to stay at home throughout the entire impact window installation process, so we recommend disabling any door and window alarms so the installation team can work seamlessly. Here at M Pact Windows, we’ll make sure to mold our team’s schedule to whatever is most convenient for you.

Remove Any Window Coverings

Much like clearing out the floor for the impact window installation team, you’ll have to remove any other window coverings such as blinds or drapes. This will prevent them from getting in the way and potentially getting damaged.

Setup Temporary Workspace

The impact window installation team will require a small workspace to make sure everything is prepped and ready to be installed, so we recommend establishing a small area for them to work if possible. If it looks like it’s going to rain, setting up a space within your garage would make their job go significantly quicker.

Have questions about your upcoming installation, or looking to get impact windows installed in your home? Contact the M Pact team today! We specialize in supplying and installing impact windows and doors throughout Martin and Palm Beach Counties, respectively. Simply reach out online or give us a call at (561) 909-8055 to learn more!