impact window installation Martin County

How MPACT Can Protect Your Home from Hurricanes and Beyond? 

 MPACT Windows can protect your home from severe weather and beyond. Hurricanes are a major threat to homeowners in the United States, with their powerful winds and heavy rains causing thousands of dollars in damage each year. Their high-quality windows and doors are designed to withstand even the strongest winds while providing superior insulation and security. With MPACT you can gain peace of mind knowing ...

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High-end Impact Windows vs. Regular Glass

When it comes to windows, homeowners have a wide range of options available to them. However, those who live in areas prone to hurricanes, strong winds, or other severe weather conditions may want to consider installing high-end impact windows. While regular glass windows can shatter easily and pose a danger to the occupants of a home during extreme weather events, impact windows are designed to ...

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