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How To Prep For Your Impact Window Installation

If you recently purchased new impact windows and have your installation appointment scheduled: congratulations! You’re just a few steps away from your brand new impact windows installed and a major upgrade in home defense. Before your windows are installed, there’s a few steps you’ll have to take to ensure you’re more than ready for your window installation team!

Make Way For The Team Outside

We ...

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Which Form Of Window Defense Is Best For A Hurricane?

Living in South Florida means needing to always be prepared for the yearly onslaught of hurricane season from June 1st to November 30th. While hurricanes have periodically formed outside of this window, this is historically the period for the formation of all major Atlantic storms. They make their way from the waters of the western coast of Africa and begin their path right towards South ...

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Hurricane Prepardness: What Does Each Hurricane Category Mean?

Life in South Florida certainly has its perks, however there is one glaring issue that every homeowner and business owner should be aware of: hurricane season. Every year from July 1st through November 30th, South Floridians must hunker down as storm after storm makes its way across the Atlantic Ocean towards Florida. These storms bring torrential downpours, heavy winds, and hazardous conditions everywhere you turn.  ...

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replace underperforming windows with impact windows

Telltale Sings It’s Time To Replace Your Underperforming Windows

Just like anything in your home, your windows have a lifespan. As the years go on they reach the end of their utility and need to be replaced. But when exactly do you need to replace your windows? While standard windows can last anywhere between 10-15 years, there are some telltale signs that can immediately indicate that your windows should be replaced. Some of the ...

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2022 impact windows

Start The New Year Off With Impact Windows

As 2021 begins to unwind, it’s important to step back and consider where your home could use improvements. This can include long term projects, as well as short term goals you want to set. While you could look at remodeling the bathroom, or installing new tile in the backyard patio, it’s time to make 2022 the year you get impact windows installed in your home. ...

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What Benefits Do Impact Windows Offer?

As homeowners begin new construction or home remodeling projects, one area they tend to focus on are their windows. While it may not seem like it, your windows can greatly impact the overall appearance of your home inside and out. That’s why making the right choice for your new windows can really make or break a space in your home. As South Florida experiences heavy ...

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impact windows and environmental factors

Impact Windows & The Enviornment

While it might not seem like it on a day to day basis, your South Florida home is constantly defending itself against the environment. From the torrential downpours, to the stiff humidity, to the heavy sunlight & heat, your house is actually under direct threat. As such, it’s imperative that you take the necessary actions to protect it and your family against what comes your ...

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Impact Windows: What’s True And What Isn’t?

As they continue to become more and more popular across South Florida, impact windows have garnered a mysticism around them by homeowners which tends to drastically influence whether they purchase them or not. As South Florida’s leader in impact windows and impact doors, we’re here to clear up impact windows so you can make an educated decision that’s guaranteed to increase your quality of life. ...

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