impact windows on south florida home

5 Reasons You Should Install Impact Windows Over Your Accordion Shutters

You may not realize it, but hurricane season is quickly approaching. And with most South Florida homes relying on accordion shutters for their defense against the elements of the devastating power on hurricanes and tropical. It’s time to take stock of your home’s current protection levels before another disaster strikes. While accordion shutters have provided some level of defense in the past, they aren’t without their deficiencies. You shouldn’t be tied down to subpar home defense when the next major storm rolls in.

Impact Windows are a great investment for your home and will provide you with many benefits that aluminum shutters just can’t match. These include but aren’t limited to:

Hurricane Force Defense

Impact windows are an excellent way to defend your home against the elements, and they offer major upgrades over traditional aluminum shutters. With impact-resistant glass that can withstand winds up 160+ mph—far exceeding even some of recent history’s most powerful hurricanes!

The best defense against the dangers of a storm is an impact window. These windows resist thrown debris, such as large branches, car parts, outdoor furniture, etc. that could be flung at your home during major storms at tremendous speeds. Accordion shutters will only do so much before they begin to fail after a few years of being installed. Your impact windows will hold their own throughout their entire lifespan.

Impact Windows Are Stunning, Accordion Shutters Are Not

Accordion shutters are a permanent fixture that takes away from your home’s appearance the very moment they’re installed. Impact Windows, on the other hand, can be installed to replace and integrate seamlessly into existing frames with no unsightly visible hardware or framework externally noticeable at all times—an important detail for those who want their homes looking clean yet modern.

They Work The Moment They’re Installed

It happens all the time: the minute a storm is announced to be heading toward South Florida, homeowners rush out to secure essential supplies like water, nonperishable foods, batteries, etc. What they fail to realize is they first have to spend hours getting their home prepared for the impending storm on the way. It can take hours getting all of your accordion shutters closed depending on the amount of windows your home has. Accordion shutter setup also requires two people to properly close up. Impact windows require no setup time. The moment they’re installed they instantly get to work defending your home from heavy storms.

Your View Isn’t Obstructed

When you close your aluminum shutters, it will completely enclose your home to the outside world. You have no way of seeing what’s happening in front or outside and practically no natural light can enter into your home until they’re eventually reopened.

When you invest in residential impact windows, the feeling of being trapped inside during a storm will go away instantly. You’ll be able to keep an eye on what’s going outside without fear that Mother Nature can affect your home or loved ones.

Passive Benefits

Unlike accordion shutters, impact windows provide your home with several benefits on top of defending against major storms. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Reduced Exterior Nose
  • Lower Energy Bill
  • Intruder Defense
  • UV Ray Protection

Impact Windows are the way to go! If you’ve been considering whether it’s time for an upgrade, we have good news. We supply and install impact windows at MPACT Windows—so rest assured that your new windows will be nothing short of top notch quality with us around. Contact us today either online or give us a call (561) 909-8055.