impact windows installed on new construction

3 Signs It’s Time To Switch To Impact Windows

Over the years, our clients have always led with the same question: “When will I know it’s time to switch to impact windows?”. While there’s certainly no specific timeframe for when you need to switch, there are some telltale signs your current windows may no longer be doing their job, requiring a replacement. 3 key signs you should consider having impact windows installed on your South Florida home include:

Your Home Has No Storm Defense

If your home has no storm defenses installed, it’s time to make the switch to impact windows. Standard windows are not capable of withstanding heavy winds and thrown debris during a heavy storm such as tropical storms and hurricanes, and as such they require additional forms of protection. While certainly not the best defense available, things like accordion shutters provide significant defense against the dangers of a strong storm. Without that at minimum, you’re placing your home and family at risk.

Impact windows offer tremendous storm defense, capable of withstanding wind speeds upwards of 160+ miles per hour, ensuring both protection and peace of mind during the toughest of storms. Due to their defensive capabilities, impact windows double as defense against intruders and burglars. Windows are typically the key access point for intruders, however that’s no longer the case with impact windows installed on your home.

Your Energy Bill Is On The Rise

Living in South Florida, it’s natural for your energy bill to rise a bit during the summer months as the heat dramatically increases. Your A/C unit tends to work a bit harder, leading to a nominal increase in your energy bill. If you’ve noticed the rise start to dramatically increase, you could be suffering from underperforming windows. Your windows act to insulate and regulate your home’s internal temperature, keeping the outside heat/cold from entering. When windows begin to fail, they begin to let the external temperature enter your home far more easily. As such, your A/C has to work much harder to continue regulating the temperature. This in turn raises your energy bill.

Impact windows offer far superior insulating capabilities, ensuring that your home is the exact temperature it should be, without fear of the environment outside affecting your home.

Your Neighbors Sound Like They’re Inside

Are you waking up every Sunday to the sounds of your neighbors loudly talking, lawns being mowed, and dogs barking? You could be suffering from subpar windows. Much like temperature, your windows also work to insulate your home, your windows also work to keep exterior noise down to a minimum. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for underperforming windows. With impact windows installed, however, you gain the insulating effect of blocking practically any noise from entering your home. You can rest peacefully knowing you won’t have to hear what’s going on outside ever again.

If you’ve been considering making the switch to impact windows, these are three key reasons it’s time to make the switch to impact windows. Contact the MPACT Windows team to learn more about our impact window solutions today!